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Special Help Mode which makes learning the keyboard quick and easy. JFWJAWS for Windows (JFW) offers all the features that made JAWS for DOS so popular, plus many more. JFW incorporates such features as: Smart Screen Technology; the helpful Wizards; a bitmap recognizer; logical, easy to use speech pad; multiple synthesizer support; the powerful, new JAWS Macro Application Language (JAMAL); and total flexibility.

Smart Screen Technology - Smart Screen is the hands-off screen reading technology that allows JFW to speak any program automatically. It intelligently looks at the screen and determines what to speak so unfamiliar applications can be used immediately. Menus, dialog boxes and help files are spoken without the need for user setup. JFW announces each time a new window is opened or closed, and whenever it gets the focus.

Dual Cursor Design - JFW uses two cursors. The PC cursor, tells you where you are typing on the screen, menu item selected, etc. The JFW cursor, acts like the Mouse cursor. It roams around the screen like a person's eyes, going and seeing where the PC cursor cannot go. JAWS Wizards - JFW has the incredible Wizards! Built-in helpers that pop-up at the touch of a key. For example - the Dictionary Wizard automates the task of entering words into the on-line pronunciation dictionary.

Other Wizards are available for tutoring or to make other complex tasks easier. JFW includes the software on CD-ROM, a print Quick Start Manual, the Quick Reference Guide in print and Braille and our Basic Training Audio Cassette Training Tapes. JAWS for Windows is a true 32-bit application. This means that it takes advantage of all the power and sophistication available in Microsoft's Windows operating systems.

It also means faster response, even with software synthesizers and Braille displays. JFW also features fantastic support for Internet Explorer including the ability to reformat complex web pages and list links alphabetically in an easy-to-use list box. Other features include MS-DOS windows support, improved help functions, and many other features which make JAWS for Windows the most powerful, responsive and generally applicable Windows screen reader available.

Dedicated, Multi-Lingual Software Synthesizer Included Along with a simple installation, JAWS for Windows will install its very own software speech synthesizer that works with your Microsoft Windows sound card. Right from the start, without any additional hardware or software, you add the power of JAWS for Windows to your computer at home, on your laptop, at school, or in the office without the need to purchase an additional synthesizer or move one from system to system.

This synthesizer features support for seven languages, including U.S. English, British English, German, Italian, French, Castilian Spanish and Latin Spanish. Optionally, you may choose DECtalk hardware synthesizer the very best in synthesizers. 32-bit and 64-bit JFW Offers Support for software and hardware synthesizers and Braille displays Screen sensitive and context sensitive help to learn the applications Complete on-line documentation Dictionary Manager for improved pronunciation Keyboard and hot key help to learn the keys Keyboard Manager for customizing layouts Frame Manager for non-standard applications Access to MS-DOS windows Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility in Windows Talking CD Install New installation is easier than ever.

Just insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and leave the installation to us. In a few minutes, JAWS for Windows will install on your computer. Not only will the installation be easier, but also right from the moment it starts, your computer will talk. The installation is interactive, giving you the information you need, immediately, verbally, without having to second-guess the installation process. JAWS for Windows Merge:A new utility that runs during the installation of JFW will upgrade the previous versions installed on your computer.

Now, you won't have to manually merge the changes from the previous configuration file to the new version. With this utility, the changes and additions to the new version are automatically merged into your dictionary, graphic, and configuration files. In a future release, the utility will be enhanced to also merge the script and frame files. Fantastic Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer:Everyone has been searching for a screen reader with comprehensive Internet capabilities.

Now, the search has ended. The latest version of JAWS for Windows has the ability to read almost every page found on the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. With a simple keystroke, pages with graphics, complex columns, and even frames are reformatted into an easy-to-read single column. In addition, with a single keystroke, you will have access to all the frames or links on the page in a list box.

Once in the list box, just type the first letter of the link you want to view and JFW jumps through the list to the link you chose to let you press ENTER to select it. View Internet Tool Bar:JAWS for Windows gives you access to the tool bar in IE. With a single keystroke, you are in a list box of all the icons on the tool bar. Type the first letter of the item to locate and select the icon and when you press ENTER you simulate the point and click maneuvers without having to navigate the mouse pointer or label graphics.

Support for Microsoft Outlook Express E-mail:JFW features the same functionality for Microsoft Outlook Express that it does for Internet Explorer! Use the same screen-reading techniques to reformat the page and bring up links and e-mail addresses alphabetically in an easy-to-use list box. Another keystroke allows you to look for and open e-mail attachments. With JFW, complete internet access is just a keystroke away! Everyone has been searching for a screen reader with comprehensive Internet capabilities.

Now, the search has ended. The newest version of JAWS for Windows has the ability to read almost every page found on the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. With a simple keystroke, pages with graphics, complex columns, and even frames are reformatted into an easy to read single column. In addition, with a single keystroke, you will have access to all the frames or links on the page in a simple list box.

Once in the list box, just type the first letter of the link you want to view and JFW jumps through the list to the link you chose to let you press ENTER to select it.  This new version of JAWS for Windows also gives you access to the tool bar in IE with a list box too. With a single keystroke, you are in a list box of all the icons on the tool bar. Type the first letter of the item to locate and select the icon and when you press ENTER you simulate the point and click maneuvers without having to navigate the mouse pointer or label graphics.

Enhanced Braille Capabilities:Many Braille enhancements now make refreshable Braille displays work better than ever. At the heart of the changes is the all new structured mode. Freedom Scientific has placed heavy emphasis on this display mode, which lets modifiable Scripts pick relevant information from the screen and display it in a single Braille line with the ability to pan through it. An example of this can be seen in dialog boxes where structured mode displays the window type and title.

If the dialog is a multi-page dialog, the page tab with focus will be displayed. Also on the display you will find the group box name, the control with focus along with its condition. All of this on one line and you have the ability to customize it as well via scripts.  The original structured mode that has been in JAWS for Windows is now going to be known as Speech Box mode and will still let you review the most recent spoken information sent to the synthesizer.

  Another Braille feature that is now available lets you select text without ever taking your hands off the Braille display. Other Braille options found in the Configuration Manager include Braille marking, Braille Sleep mode, Braille Dot Patterns, Braille Cursor. You can even use abbreviations now. Audio Programming Compatibility:JAWS for Windows is now compatible with music programs. Most specifically, you can use the music program, Cakewalk Pro Audio, with JFW to quickly record, edit, process, and mix complete multi-track MIDI and audio projects.

There is even a complete text file in the TECNOTES directory to help get you started. New and Improved Miscellaneous Scripts:Freedom Scientific is continuously improving the scripts in an attempt to keep up with the numerous application releases. Included in the release of JAWS for Windows, we have included scripts for Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Eudora, Quicken, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape and many more.

Improvements have also been made for Microsoft Word to properly identify the font characteristics including accurate point size even when the tool bars are turned off. JFW also recognizes when tables are present within a document and lets you read and move logically around in the table. Other Enhancements:JAWS for Windows can support multilingual synthesizers and let you switch between synthesizer languages on the fly.

Also, JFW will tell you when you select and unselect text. JFW includes an extensive set of scripts and support for MSAA in Lotus Notes. JFW Version Basic Features:True 32-bit Application - JAWS for Windows (JFW) takes full advantage of all the power and sophistication available in Windows, including the multi-processing and multi-threading capabilities evident in all true 32-bit applications. This means faster response, even with software voice synthesizers.

JFW supports Microsoft Speech API so you can use JAWS with software synthesizers like DECtalk Access32 and FlexTalk. Supports Microsoft's Active Accessibility - JFW supports Active Accessibility in Windows. If you need to use the latest applications that have built-in Active Accessibility like the Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer, JFW is already enabled for them. Works in an MS-DOS Window - All the power of JFW is available in an MS-DOS window.

There is no longer any need to switch to an MS-DOS screen reader to run MS-DOS applications. JAWS Help System - The process of learning new computer systems and applications that run on those operating systems just got a lot easier with JAWS for Windows. Most new users of JAWS find it intuitive and easy to master. However, JAWS also furnishes a fully developed help facility that is always available with the touch of your keyboard.

You can access JAWS help through the JAWS Help menu or directly from your keyboard. Hot Key Help - Press INSERT+H to get instant help for the JAWS hot keys or Windows short cut keys available in the current dialog window. Screen Sensitive Help - Press INSERT+F1 to hear a description of the current focus item. You hear the identity of the active window, instructions on using the available options, and help on maneuvering within the window.

Keyboard Help Mode - Let's you hear what keys you are pressing. Press INSERT+1 to enter Keyboard Help mode and with each keystroke you hear a description of its function with a brief synopsis. Online Help - Lets you have instant access to all JAWS for Windows help including the user manuals and other printable documentation provided for your reference purposes. JFW Configuration Capabilities - You can customize any of the JAWS for Windows standard settings for the current application or across all applications.

JFW comes with various utility managers to help you accomplish this. Keyboard Manager - This manager lets you browse and change JAWS keys for any application or all applications. Each key assignment is accompanied by a description of its function. Graphics Labeler - This manager lets you give meaningful names to the graphics displayed on your screen and help you to recognize graphics on your screen.

Dictionary Manager - This manager lets you store special pronunciations for the current application or across all applications by changing default pronunciations to words or phrases. Configuration Manager - This manager lets JAWS for Windows give you the utmost flexibility to "hear" the screen in a personally tailored manner. You can change the way things are spoken and how much is spoken; change the verbosity, screen echo, graphics verbosity, punctuation, and numbers.

Frame Manager - This manager lets you create screen boundaries and then have that area monitored for automatic reading of all, highlighted or no text. You can assign a frame to a key so that you can read the area on demand. This feature is available on an application basis or across all applications. Script Manager - This manager lets you modify JFW standard scripts or create your own to accommodate even the most difficult, non-standard Windows applications.

Supports MSAPI Software Synthesizers - JFW uses the industry standard SSIL and supports Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI). You can use JAWS with software synthesizers while the Control Panel "knows" the capabilities of each synthesizer and takes advantage of each. Most common speech synthesizers are supported including DECtalk PC, Accent, Apollo, Audapter, KeyNote, DoubleTalk, TripleTalk, Infovox, Echo, Sound Board and others.

Support for Refreshable Braille Displays - The Braille support lets JAWS send output to any of the most popular Braille displays along with the standard speech output. Custom Scripts for More Than 40 Applications - JAWS for Windows has been customized and configured more than 40 applications. Technical Support - Freedom Scientific, Inc. is proud of its unique Technical Support team of knowledgeable individuals who all use the JAWS for Windows product every day.

Freedom Scientific also has over 70 representatives throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Most of our dealers are users of our products, and their knowledge of the technology, which can be used by blind, visually impaired, and learning disabled computer users, is extensive. Your local dealer offers strong customer service and product support. Internet Support - Freedom Scientific, Inc.

maintains a positive presence on the Internet by enabling JAWS for Windows to be used with most Internet browsers, specifically Microsoft Internet Explorer. Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) - After purchasing JAWS for Windows, how would you like to have the latest version shipped directly to you as soon as it becomes available? Our software maintenance agreement allows you to do exactly that.

Just ask us for information on the software maintenance agreement and pay one low price to receive continuous updates at your home, office, or campus. If you need assistance please call NanoPac, Inc. 800-580-6086 Content and design copyright by NanoPac, Inc. 1998 - 2009 We accept VISA, MC, AMX, Discover, approved purchase orders and checks.Sales - 1-800-580-6086

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Make any computer talk in minutes. Learn to type, write letters, exchange Email, and manage music. Let us open the door to computers for your blind friend. Hello there, and thanks for dropping by the MarvelSoft web site. Here at MarvelSoft, we've pioneered the art of developing easy-to-use talking software which is completely narrated with pre-recorded human speech. These days, it seems, everyone is walking around with an MP3 player - or wishing they had one.

But loading your music onto a portable player requires the use of a software package - software which, up until now, has been largely inaccessible to blind computer users. Digital Jukebox for Windows is the first and only all-encompassing digital audio management solution - and of course it's almost entirely narrated with pre-recorded human speech. Everything from copying CD's to and from your player, to subscribing to online podcasts, to burning an audio CD with your favorite songs is easily accomplished with this exciting new program.

Our flagship product is, and always has been, Talking Typing Teacher for Windows , an interactive program for Windows that teaches keyboarding skills. All directions, posture tips, drills and games are narrated entirely with pre-recorded human dialog (as well as shown on-screen). This means that students never listen to hard-to-understand synthesized speech when learning to type with TTT. Full support for large-print users, multiple student access, and the ability to create customized lessons makes TTT an invaluable teaching tool for individuals and professionals alike.

Remember, whenever you're typing, it's best never to look at the keys. For folks who are just learning, though, this can be very frustrating. If you or your client has low vision and would find it helpful to sneek a peak now and again, we do carry a line ofLarge-Print Keyboards to help him or her get started on the road to being an excellent typist. Next, we'd like to introduce Talking Toolbox for Windows , a superb collection of powerful, easy-to-use tools you'll find yourself using every day.

Once you have Talking Toolbox on your computer, you'll enjoy using a talking email client (known as Post Office), a calendar to help you plan your week, month and year, a feature-packed word processor, a lightning-fast address manager, a phone dialer, a calculator to make balancing the books a piece of cake, a fully-functional CD player, and an amusing alarm clock to ensure you always get everything done on time! Naturally, all these tools are entirely self-voicing with their own built-in speech, making this package a must-have if you're a fan of getting work done in a snap.

Moving right along, Marvel Math for Windows is a multi-media program to teach and reinforce math skills. If you're working from a written curriculum, Marvel math can turn the printed page into an interactive E-test that's easy for you to design and lots of fun for students to work through. Otherwise, just tell Marvel Math how challenging you'd like math problems to be, and it will make them up in an instant! Similarly, Speaking Spelling for Windows will make it a breeze to teach spelling skills to kids of all ages.

Last but not least, Quality Quiz for Windows can make any kind of quiz or exam come alive with just a few keystrokes. Not only will the program encourage and help students as they work through their quiz, but it will automatically mark every question as soon as the quiz is completed. No more spending hours in front of sheets of paper grading tests ... Quality Quiz can do it for you! And because this program makes each quiz so easy to take, and adds so much visual and audio feedback, students might actually look forward to exam time! If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you'll be anxious to learn about MarvelSoft's educational package: the Talking Teacher for Windows suite.

In a nutshell, you'll get Talking Typing Teacher, Marvel Math, Speaking Spelling, and Quality Quiz all on one CD - and save $65.00 while you're at it! No matter which software product you decide to purchase, rest assured our free, world-class technical support will make sure you never have a question left unanswered. To consult one of our friendly, knowledgeable tech support specialists, just send an Email to Support@MarvelSoft.

com. Want to be the first to know whenever we update our software or release a new product? Subscribing to MarvelNews is just the ticket! Even if you're not a current MarvelSoft customer, the up-to-the-minute news could come in handy! Searching for some nifty Braille books, products or gift ideas? Why not pay The Braille Superstore a quick visit? Thank you for visiting us here at MarvelSoft. Feel free to check back with us again soon; we're always coming out with new products, as well as upgrades and enhancements to existing ones.

Have a super day! MarvelSoft: bringing you sound, talking software you'll use well into the future. MarvelSoft: the future of sound.

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