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ProsAstounding simple to use. The interface is perfectly intuitive and the Timeline view enables you to see EXACTLY where to integrate JPEGs, music and videos. I have used Movie Maker XP to create videos as short as one minute to as long as 2 hours and had no freezing or crashing, AS LONG AS I imported JPEGs for graphics,WMVs for videos and WMAs for audio. I especially love that a single JPEG will consume several seconds on the time and can be copy/pasted within the timeline and that both JPEGs and WMA audio files can be also be trimmed for length or to remove unwanted glitches in the original sound recording.

While these features all without a doubt the most valuable for most users, my personal favorite is the ability to overlap images in the timeline, producing dissolves between JPEGs limited only by the length of the shorter duration of the two JPEGs being cross-faded. ConsA minor shortcoming is the lack of a separate audio effects track, which would enable me to playback both sound effects (such as waves crashing) and music or narration at the same time.

Another minor shortcoming is the need to use WMA for all imported video to prevent Movie Maker from crashing. I consider both of these minor, because I can easily buy audio mixing software for what I would pay for any other video editing software I have tried and I can get any number of superb video and audio file format converters free from CNET downloads. Movie Maker XP also will not produce an HDTV video; which is probably just as well, since I so frequently use low resolution graphics and video downloaded from the Internet.

SummaryI frequently use a cross fade from an image into black, producing an effect that makes it appear that the image is crumbling into dust. I have seen this effect used only once in a live action motion picture ("Seconds," a 1960s cult classic with Rock Hudson" and it really is a sight to behold. I have found no other video editing software that is so flexible for titling, transitions and special effects AT ANY PRICE.

I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 7 (don't ask), but the Movie Maker for Windows 7 no longer has these capabilities and I find it a pain to use, as well. I love Movie Maker XP SO MUCH, I am having my copy of Windows XP re-installed on my second hard drive just so I can continue to use Movie Maker XP. By the way, in addition to other limitations of Movie Maker for Windows 7, it must be downloaded, as it is no longer included in the Windows operating system.

Even worse, Movie Maker for Windows 7 will NOT open a project created in Windows XP. Reply to this review Read reply (1) Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Reply by Private Angel on December 25, 2015 windows 8.

1 comes with movie maker and the fade-in/out +many other effects not found in XP, and it's free. ProsSimple interface, easy to learn, good starting point for someone who's never edited a video before. ConsFreezes, hangs and glitches at every turn; not enough user control over audio. SummaryThe first time I used the software, it required downloading more software to convert my file to something it could work with.

Once I was able to import the file, I didn't have too much trouble learning how to use the software, and except for a few glitches, it worked well enough that I was able to edit a short video without too much trouble. The second time I used it, I was working with an avi file that the software was able to import without converting, but, as mentioned in CNET's review, it kept freezing and required shutting it down every time I added an effect or tried to play the storyboard from any point other than the very beginning.

It was an exercise in frustration that turned something that should've been quick and simple into a major exercise. Now I'm looking for a more reliable editing software. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Prosi can edit my video and add some words to it.

Consit exists some bugs, as it will crash sometimes. Summaryuseful program Reply to this review Was this review helpful? 012   012   Prosno professional editors would even enjoy this crap Consit all sucks SummaryTransitions & effects r very very very very boringno 3d editingThey imitated imovie on live movie maker but still it sucksno professional templates , intro's & text no slideshow makerno everythingjust plain boring & suckingwhy would windows allow us to suffer like this? i hate movie makerthey all suck Reply to this review Read reply (1) Was this review helpful? 012   012   Reply by RoKuSis on June 16, 2015 Hope u survived ajmartinez.

Seems to me you were wanting everything for nothing. Movie Maker is a basic, FREE, video editing program. 3D editing?? Get your wallet out, chum! Pros- Nothing. Most codecs and formats are not accepted. What a boorish video editor. Cons- A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply to this review Read reply (1) Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Reply by wargodsix on August 8, 2013 use sothink dvd movie maker i use it it works perfect dont use the one that says free in the title theres two on says free in the title one doesnt use the one that doesnt its still free but the other one is a virus i use it and i like it make sure you set aspect ratio to 4:3 other wise your have black lines on the sides ProsI needed something to copy files from my Sony miniDV camera to my PC and this does the trick perfectly.

I've converted dozens of miniDV tapes I've made over the years to .wmv files and never a problem. I also like how it'll display the time and date of each segment in the collections window, and then allow me to delete ones I don't want to keep, and re-save that to a file. ConsFor my purposes NONE! SummaryFantastic FREE software included with Windows XP that is a great solution for copying miniDV discs to PC, works flawlessly! Reply to this review Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Pros- Easy to use- Preview screen doesn't lag- Quick learning curve Cons- Crashes several times- Too simple effects/transitions SummaryIt's not bad for beginners as it has a quick learning curve but if you're like me and you have been using it for several years, it can actually be very good, provided that you download extra effects and that you know the software pretty well.

Reply to this review Was this review helpful? -101   -101   ProsIt Works on Most dvd Plays.

if you make an dvd. Its easy. But Kind of Diffult , Compare to some othe Programs Due to It Out date of Win 7 ( this is still the Only one) in less Windows Live Movie Maker which only allows 1.5 Hours on on both size/ 4.37 (4.7 GBS) DVD+R / DVD-r (Single Layer) DVD+R;DL 7.95 gb (8.5 gb) ConsThe anothe4 Other Burner Brogrmas out their The only Sale Like But Nome 10 Different Brnads In Major Store.

Corel , Nero , Sony , Roxio. Cyber Link , Pinnace. Ion (which seem Like an Knock out to Pinnacle stuff for $10 lesss just Came out. But Pinnacle Been Around over 12 Years. There More 50k Othe software Programs that online on.. I have see that There Should Put in The in Major Retalies It try over 25 to 50+ them. The see Way Better than out their Major Software/ Prog. Retaliers. ( thr Only Softwsre Related ones Probaly with Give almost 4 Hours on DVD (sL) 4.

7gb)(8.5 GB DVD+R DL close 7.25 hours but those in the Store 2.75 to 3.35 hours DVD SL or DVD+R 4.5 hrs it hard to 6hours (on all theose Progs) More tiem use need It take almsot nay 3 to 12 Hours Just Rendar DV in Burning , Than No mor 20 Make to The Video datd on the Dsic. But here my Vv SummaryHe what I hate AQbout all PC THAT HAVE IN PAST #1 Don't Knock put the Graphic Card aTTACH TO mOTHER bOARD.


#2 MS Office Sut stop Put the Program by an Keycode than Type in online Than download off line. sicne 2007 #3 If You Programs on so huge/ Movie these days if even Blu-rays Almost 50 GBS Have you look an away to Make in Flash Media , But Not Eraseable style Flash Media Drives t I seen up 64 giga bytes at stores. If just Word, Excel, Prower Pint , Access , etc. ( Just Put on Muiltple Dvd discs. I some able to uninstall 2008 Version of Ms office on Win 7 and Put MS office 2002-03 Edition On Win 7, it 95 % compaitable i only see very little but mangable errors that see most fancey style Underline formats screw up, aND sAVE EXT FILE FORMAT.


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Make that be availbe for 5 years. And any store that does 2 yr buy out your old PC/ Mac machinge I Make self Have Replace Computer not More evrey 5 to 8 Years. The Buy option should least 6 Years. Reply to this review Read replies (2) Was this review helpful? 123   123   Reply by Darren Dheilly on April 12, 2013 What the Fa.

. What is this person trying to say ? Using CNet to Blog or "Flog". I would have way more luck reading and understanding Hieroglyphics on a Pyramid... Reply by Seun911 on November 18, 2012 That was pretty useless. The point is to review the PRODUCT, not the government. ProsEasy to figure out (short learning curve)Easy to useProject export simpleScrolling credit screen ConsDoesn't edit standard industry (consumer electronics) codecs, like MP4 or MOV (amongst others).

Basically you can use a WMV, MPG, MP2 or AVI clip or you can suck it.Adding a title screen or subtitles is frustrating if you have a certain idea in mind.No options to add the more widely used codecs. SummaryI wouldn't recommend this program unless you are actually capturing the video with movie maker. Any other program or hardware will give you the wrong codec therefor making it impossible to edit the clip.

And I do NOT recommend downloading codecs. Leave that can of worms alone. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Pros* Very Simple If You Enjoy Simple * Very Easy To Save * Lots Of Effects And Title Options Cons* Very Simple Not Advanced At All * No Audio Editor * Does Not Support HD (720p - 1080p) SummaryGood If You Like Simple Bad If You Like Advanced And HD Formats:) Reply to this review Was this review helpful? -101   -101   Please Wait

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Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 Developer(s) Microsoft Initial release September 14, 2000 Stable release 2012 (v16.4.3528.0331) (April 17, 2014) [±] Development status Discontinued Operating system Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10[1] Included with Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista[1] Platform IA-32 and x64[2] Available in 64 languages[3] Type Video editing software License Freeware Website windows. Windows Movie Maker (formerly known as Windows Live Movie Maker[4] in Windows 7) is a discontinued video editing software by Microsoft. It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr. Movie Maker was officially discontinued in January 10, 2017 and it was replaced by Windows Story Remix in late 2017.

[5] History Initial releases The first release of Windows Movie Maker was included with Windows ME in 2000. Version 1.1 was included in Windows XP a year later, and included support for creating DV AVI and WMV 8 files. Version 2.0 was released as a free update in November 2002, and added a number of new features. Version 2.1, a minor update, is included in Windows XP Service Pack 2. The Movie Maker in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 had more transitions and support for DVD burning.

Windows Vista The next version of Movie Maker was released as part of Windows Vista and – like most Windows components – reported version number 6.0.6000, same as Windows Vista itself. It included new effects and transitions, support for playback on the Xbox 360,[6] and support for the DVR-MS file format that Windows Media Centre records television in. The HD version in Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista also added support for capturing from HDV camcorders.

The capture wizard also created DVR-MS type files from HDV tapes. However, the Windows Vista version of Windows Movie Maker removed support for importing video from an analog video source such as an analog camcorder, VCR or from a webcam.[7] As some older systems might not be able to run the new version of Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft also released an updated older version 2.6 for Windows Vista on Microsoft Download Centre.

This version included the old effects and transitions, and is basically the same as Windows Movie Maker 2.1, but without the ability to capture video. Installation requires Windows Vista and is only intended for use on computers where the hardware accelerated version cannot be run.[8] A Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) version of Windows Movie Maker was also included in some development builds of Vista (at the time codenamed "Longhorn"), but was removed in the development reset in August 2004.

[9] After the development reset, the interface for the WPF-based Windows Movie Maker was retained in Windows Vista. Windows Live A new version of the software, renamed Windows Live Movie Maker 2009, was released as a beta on September 17, 2008, and officially released as a standalone product through Windows Live Essentials suite on August 19, 2009. This was effectively a completely new software, as it could not read projects created by earlier versions and did not support custom XML transitions written for the previous versions.

In addition, a great many features were removed. Also, Movie Maker's interface was redesigned in the Windows Live version to use a ribbon toolbar similar to Office 2007; it also added features such as "Auto Movie" and the ability to export videos directly to DVDs and YouTube.[10] Certain advanced features were also removed from the software, such as image stabilisation and the ability to record voice-overs.

[11] Movie Maker 2009 supported both Windows Vista and Windows 7. As the previous version of Windows Movie Maker was no longer included with the operating system, the only way to obtain Movie Maker on Windows 7 and later was through the Windows Live Essentials suite,[4][12] although some manufacturers pre-installed the application on new PCs. An updated version, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, was released on August 17, 2010, adding features such as webcam capture, support for high-definition video, the ability to upload videos directly to SkyDrive and Facebook, and the ability to add media files stored on network shares to projects.

[11] 2012 With the discontinuation of the Windows Live brand (and the re-branding of the Windows Live suite as Windows Essentials), Windows Movie Maker 2012 was released in April 2012. Support for recording voice-overs was restored, along with an audio mixer and integration with several free stock music services. H.264/MP4 became the default export format (replacing Windows Media Video, but still can be used), support for uploading to Vimeo was introduced, and hardware accelerated video stabilisation was also added as an exclusive feature for Windows 8 users.

[13] Discontinuation Movie Maker was officially removed for download on January 10, 2017. Like other Windows Essentials apps, Movie Maker is now replaced by Story Remix, which arrived in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.[5] Layout The layout consists of a storyboard view and a timeline view, collections for organizing imported video, and a preview pane. When in Storyboard view, the video project appears as a film strip showing each scene in clips.

The storyboard/timeline consists of one 'Video' (with accompanying 'Audio' bar), one 'Music/Audio' bar, and one 'Titles/Credits' bar. In each bar, clips can be added for editing (e.g., a .WAV music file will belong on the 'Music/Audio' bar). Still images can also be imported into the timeline and "stretched" to any desired number of frames. The Video and Music/Audio bars can be "cut" to any number of short segments, which will play together seamlessly, but the individual segments are isolated editing-wise, so that for example, the music volume can be lowered for just a few seconds while someone is speaking.

Importing footage When importing footage into the program, a user can either choose to Capture Video (from camera, scanner or other device) or Import into Collections to import existing video files into the user's collections. The accepted formats for import are .WMV/.ASF, .MPG (MPEG-1), .AVI (DV-AVI), .WMA, .WAV, and .MP3. Additionally, the Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions of Movie Maker support importing MPEG-2 Program streams and DVR-MS formats.

[14] Importing of other container formats such as MP4/3GP, FLV and MOV, and AAC are also supported if the necessary codecs are installed and the system is running Windows 7 or later.[15] In the Windows XP version, import and real-time capture of video from an analog source such as a VCR, tape-based analog camcorder or webcam is possible. This feature is based on Windows Image Acquisition. Video support in Windows Image Acquisition was removed in Windows Vista, as a result importing analog footage in Windows Movie Maker is no longer possible.

[16] When importing from a DV tape, if the "Make Clips on Completion" option is selected, Windows Movie Maker automatically flags the commencement of each scene, so that the tape appears on the editing screen as a collection of short clips, rather than one long recording. That is, at each point where the "Record" button was pressed, a new "clip" is generated, although the actual recording on the hard drive is still one continuous file.

This feature is also offered after importing files already on the hard drive. In the Windows Vista version, the "Make clips on completion" option has been removed — the clips are now automatically created during the capture process. The efficiency of the importing and editing process is heavily dependent on the amount of file fragmentation of the hard disk. The most reliable results can be obtained by adding an extra hard disk dedicated for scratch space, and regularly re-formatting/defragmenting it, rather than simply deleting the files at the end of the project.

Fragmented AVI files result in jerky playback on the editing screen, and make the final rendering process much longer. Although it is possible to import digital video from cameras through the USB interface, most older cameras only support USB version 1 and the results tend to be poor — "sub VHS" — quality. Newer cameras using USB 2.0 give much better results. A FireWire interface camera will allow recording and playback of images identical in quality to the original recordings if the video is imported and subsequently saved as DV AVI files, although this consumes disk space at about 1 gigabyte every five minutes (12 GB/Hr).

Alternatively, most DV cameras allow the final AVI file to be recorded back onto the camera tape for high quality playback. Some standalone DVD recorders will also directly accept DV inputs from video cameras and computers. Editing and output After capture, any clip can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the timeline. Once on the timeline, clips can be duplicated, split, repositioned or edited. An AutoMovie feature offers predefined editing styles (titles, effects and transitions) for quickly creating movies.

The original camera file on the hard drive is not modified; the project file is just a list of instructions for reproducing a final output video file from the original file. Thus, several different versions of the same video can be simultaneously made from the original camera footage. Earlier versions of Windows Movie Maker could only export video in Windows Media Video or DV AVI formats.[17] It includes some predefined profiles, but users can also create custom profiles.

[18]Windows XP Media Centre Edition bundled Sonic DVD Burning engine, licensed from Sonic Solutions, allowing video editors to burn their project in DVD-Video format on a DVD. In Windows Vista, Windows Movie Maker passes the video project to Windows DVD Maker. Windows Movie Maker 2012 introduced the default ability to export in H.264 MP4 format. Video can be exported back to the video camera if supported by the camera.

Movie Maker also allows users to publish a finished video on video hosting websites. Windows Movie Maker can also be used to edit and publish audio tracks. If no video or image is present, Movie Maker allows exporting the sound clips in Windows Media Audio format. Effects and transitions Windows Movie Maker supports a large variety of titles, effects and transitions. Titles are animated text screens, normally placed at the beginning or end of the movie, but can also be placed over video clips.

Titles and credits can be added as stand alone titles or overlaying them on the clip by adding them onto the selected clip. Titles range from static (non-animated) titles to fly in, fading, news banner, or spinning newspaper animations. They can also be placed on video clips to create sub-titles. Transitions affect how one video clips flows into another. Examples include fade and dissolve, but many more spectacular transitions are available.

Effects alter how a video clip appears. Example include allowing control of brightness, contrast or hue, but other more dramatic effects are available, such as giving an 'old time' flickering black and white feel. Versions 2.x included in Windows XP includes 60 transitions, 37 effects, 34 title and 9 credits animations. The Windows Vista version includes a different set of transitions, effects and title/credits animations while dropping a few older ones.

There are in all 49 effects and 63 transitions. They are applied by using a drag and drop interface from the effects or transitions folders. Early versions (V2 onwards) of Windows Movie Maker had a flexible interface so programming custom effects and other content were possible via XML. The Windows Vista version supports Direct3D-based effects. Microsoft also provides SDK documentation for custom effects and transitions.

[19] Since the effects are XML based, users could create and add custom effects and transitions of their own with XML knowledge. Many custom transitions were commercially available and created additional features such as picture-in-picture. Windows Movie Maker V6 did not support customisations to effects and transitions in the same way as V2.x and so many customisations had to be re-written. Versions after V6 do not support custom transitions and effects at all.

Reception and criticism Movie Maker 1.0, introduced with Windows Me, was widely criticised for being "bare bones"[20] and suffering "a woeful lack of features";[21] and saving movies only in Microsoft's ASF file format.[22] Critical reception of versions 2.0 and 2.6 has been slightly more positive.[21] Many longstanding users were disappointed by the removal of so many features in the effective re-writing of the software in Live Movie Maker 2009.

Some of those features (such as visualisation of the audio levels) have subsequently been re-added. In June 2008, a memo purportedly by Bill Gates from January 2003 was circulated on the Internet in which he heavily criticized the downloading process for Movie Maker at the time.[23] The memo was originally made available online as part of the plaintiffs' evidence in Comes v. Microsoft Corp., an antitrust class-action suit, and was submitted as evidence in that case on January 16, 2007.

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dll I/O request packet Imaging Format Kernel Transaction Manager Library files Logical Disk Manager LSASS MinWin NTLDR Ntoskrnl.exe Object Manager Open XML Paper Specification Registry Resource Protection Security Account Manager Server Message Block Shadow Copy SMSS System Idle Process USER WHEA Win32 console Winlogon WinUSB Security Security and Maintenance BitLocker Data Execution Prevention Family Safety Kernel Patch Protection Mandatory Integrity Control Protected Media Path User Account Control User Interface Privilege Isolation Windows Defender Windows Firewall Compatibility COMMAND.

COM Virtual DOS machine Windows on Windows WoW64 Windows Subsystem for Linux API Active Scripting WSH VBScript JScript COM ActiveX ActiveX Document COM Structured storage DCOM OLE OLE Automation Transaction Server DirectX .NET Framework Universal Windows Platform Windows Mixed Reality Windows Runtime WinUSB Games Solitaire Collection Discontinued Games 3D Pinball Chess Titans FreeCell Hearts InkBall Hold 'Em Purble Place Reversi Spider Solitaire Solitaire Tinker Apps ActiveMovie Anytime Upgrade Address Book Backup and Restore Cardfile CardSpace Contacts Desktop Gadgets Diagnostics DriveSpace DVD Maker Easy Transfer Fax File Manager Food & Drink Help and Support Center Health & Fitness HyperTerminal Internet Explorer Journal Media Center Meeting Space Messaging Messenger Mobile Device Center Movie Maker MSN Dial-up NetMeeting NTBackup Outlook Express Travel Photo Gallery Photo Viewer Program Manager Steps Recorder WinHelp Write Others ScanDisk File Protection Media Control Interface Next-Generation Secure Computing Base POSIX subsystem Interix Video for Windows Windows SideShow Windows Services for UNIX Windows System Assessment Tool WinFS Spun off toMicrosoft Store DVD Player Hover! Mahjong Minesweeper v t e Windows Live Web services Calendar Microsoft account OneDrive Office Web Apps Outlook.

com People Profile Mobile services My Windows Phone Messenger Mobile Developer services Live Connect Discontinued Software applications Essentials Family Safety Mail Movie Maker Photo Gallery Writer Messenger Admin Center Agents Alerts Barcode Call Groups Devices Events Expo Favorites FrameIt Gallery Home Mesh OneCare Safety Scanner Personalized Experience QnA Search Center Shopping Spaces Toolbar TV Video Messages Web Messenger WiFi Center & Hotspot Locator v t e Video editing software Comparison List Free and open-source Avidemux Blender Cinelerra Kdenlive Kino LiVES Natron OpenShot Pitivi Shotcut VideoLAN Movie Creator VirtualDub VirtualDubMod Freeware Adobe Premiere Express Apple iMovie Avid Free DV Clips Debugmode Wax Lightworks Pinnacle Videospin VideoThang Windows Movie Maker Commercial proprietary Adobe Premiere Elements Adobe Premiere Pro EditDV Edius Final Cut Express Final Cut Pro Forscene iMovie Lightworks Magix Movie Edit Pro MainActor Media 100 Media Composer MoviePlus Pinnacle Studio Vegas Pro Vegas Movie Studio Ulead MediaStudio Pro VideoPad Category Retrieved from "https://en."

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