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Catalytic converters are more than just filters, they reduce the toxicity of emissions from a vehicle's combustion engine. The first models of these catalytic converters came in 1975 on series-production automobiles in response to the tightening EPA regulations on automobile exhaust. These first used pellet-style catalysts. But now, catalytic converters are made with a honeycomb design that makes these more effective in changing gases to more environment-friendly gases.

Since its earliest conception, catalytic converters have done an important job of preventing noxious gases from continually polluting the air. But, catalytic converters don't last that long. Every moment you drive your car, the catalytic converter seeps all the gas that the engine produces. Imagine all the fumes that the it has to endure. These really need to be replaced if they're worn out. If you won't, your local police might get you.

These need to be replaced to be able to pass your local emissions test.If you are in the situation that your catcon has broken down, it is better that you take a new replacement but not from your local dealership parts counter or they'll really milk you dry. OEM catalytic converters are so expensive. It is much more advisable to find a OE-fit catalytic converter replacement which are much cheaper that OEM replacements but function just as the same.

Reduce emissions and help the environment by making sure your catalytic converter is damage-free. Once damaged, replace it immediately.Some automotive upgrades improve performance. Others improve safety. There are also those that improve driving appeal. How do you know which is the best upgrade? Well, the best upgrade is something that gives not only one, but a lot, of benefits. A good catalytic converter (cat con) is among the ideal.

Catalytic converters are primarily used in vehicles to ensure clean and safe emissions. Mounted along the exhaust system, these components work via a chemical reaction that converts the engine's harmful emissions-carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides-into less toxic gases, safe for people and for the environment. And while these components are primarily engineered for cleaner emissions, do you know that the right catalytic converter can also improve driving performance? Stock cat cons are often restrictive, not allowing all the exhaust gases to pass through them at once.

This suffocates the engine, reducing its ability to generate horsepower. By getting a high-performance cat con, you actually free up more power from your machine.Need the right automotive upgrade now? Consider a catalytic converter replacement. With a high-performance catalytic converter in your auto, you get double benefits in horsepower and emissions. And paired with other upgraded exhaust parts like mufflers and headers, you can now rev up safely and legally.

Even the sleekest, hippest, and coolest car in the world can become a major turn-off if its rear keeps on churning out black smoke. Make sure your internal combustion engine works smoothly with a reliable catalytic converter. This component converts harmful pollutants into less toxic substances before they make their way out of your car's exhaust pipe. Some of these pollutants include nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, water vapor, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides.

The catcon plays an important role in reducing vehicle emissions to avoid getting your license revoked and ensure your vehicle meets state requirements. The catalytic converter also plays an important role in saving the environment. Vehicle emissions contribute to global warming, creation of smog and acid rain, and polluting the air all around us. By installing this component, you can reduce your vehicle's emissions by as much as 25%, which can have a great impact on the environment especially if all other vehicle owners follow suit.

This is why most of the states in the US require automobile manufacturers to install catalytic converters; it is part of America's goal of ensuring clean air for future generations. So if you notice that your engine starts losing power, your emission levels have become higher, you hear excessive rattling underneath the car and smell foul odor from outsidemake sure you get your catalytic converter replaced.

When shopping for a replacement, choose a converter that meets your vehicle and your state requirements (there is a special California catalytic converter for sale in certain online stores). Once you get a replacement, get your ramps and wrench, lift your car, and uninstall the oxygen sensors and the stock catcon by taking out the bolts, nuts, and seals. Bolt the new catcon into place and reattach the pipes and the oxygen sensor.

It's not enough that your vehicle performs well on the road; as a driver, you also have to keep your vehicle as environment-friendly as possible. And one way to ensure that is to use a functional, street-legal catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is a vital exhaust system device that converts pollutants into less harmful emissions before they leave the exhaust system. Specifically, a catalytic converter reduces the toxicity level of noxious gases that could do damage to the environment and to pedestrians.

By using this exhaust device, your vehicle emits less-poisonous gases and you get to do your share in taking care of the environment. Once your stock catalytic converter fails to perform its job, the best solution is a replacement. To ensure you get the best catalytic converter replacement, shop only right here at Auto Parts Deal.• The catalytic converters at our catalogs feature cores made only of the strongest stainless steel or ceramic, to ensure sturdy support for converters.

• Platinum, rhodium, or palladium catalysts guarantee that our catalytic converters help your vehicle emit harmless gases.• Choose the catalytic converter you want from Auto Parts Deal, and you can be sure that the product ready for immediate shipment.

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Catalytic converters have been original equipment on most gasoline engine vehicles in the U.S. since 1975. They have evolved since their inception, from 2-way converters to 3-way converters plus air, to the modern 3-way converter. Early 2-way converters, also called oxidation catalytic converters, were so called because they only converted HC and CO. In the late 1970s and early 1980s they were replaced on most vehicles by 3-way converters, which can also control NOx emissions.

3-way converters are known as oxidation-reduction catalytic converters. In general a converter is composed of a cylindrical stainless steel enclosure housing a monolithic substrate which contains the catalyst. The most common catalyst materials are the precious metals platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The substrate is constructed to expose as much exhaust gas as possible to the catalyst as it flows through the converter, for maximum conversion and efficiency.

2-way converters use platinum and palladium to oxidize CO and HC. 3-way converters also have rhodium to reduce NOx. Early 3-way converters had a separate substrate that oxidized CO and HC with help from additional oxygen supplied by an air pump. Modern 3-way converters use advanced chemistry, O2 monitoring and computerized fuel control to convert all 3 harmful gases without the need for additional oxygen.

Various factors can cause converter failure. Internal problems like plugging or reduced conversion efficiency are nearly always caused by engine problems like misfire, rich air/fuel mixture, coolant leaks, and oil burning. Misfires and excessive fuel can cause the converter to overheat and melt the substrate, while oil and antifreeze can coat the surface of the substrate, preventing catalyst exposure to the exhaust.

In its location under the vehicle, the converter is also exposed to impact from road debris that could cause structural damage. A clogged converter will restrict exhaust flow resulting in poor performance. Other symptoms of a failed converter include rattling noises, an illuminated Check Engine light, and excessive emissions, which can result in a failed smog test. Regardless of the cause for catalytic converter malfunction and symptoms, we can supply you with a replacement that will restore performance and make your vehicle emissions legal.

We offer both direct fit and universal converters that are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant. A direct fit converter will fit and function the same as your factory converter, and bolt right in place in your exhaust system, while a universal converter will require pipe cutting and clamping or welding for attachment. We also offer converters for applications where the converter is part of the exhaust manifold.

Many of our manifolds with integrated converters come as complete kits with all gaskets, hardware, and shields (as required) included.

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