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Description Get a free demo! is an easy-to-use yet powerful prompting application.Using Teleprompter is as easy a typing in your script and clicking play, but don’t be fooled by Teleprompter’s simplicity! It also comes jam packed with useful features:• Remote Control: Control Teleprompter remotely with your iPhone or with another Mac over WiFi or Bluetooth.

(Now optionally password protected!)• Screen Mirroring: Clone your script onto a second monitor, or into another window.• Flipping: Flip your script horizontally, vertically, or both.• Automatic Timing: Need to be at a certain sentence at certain time? No problem. Use Teleprompter’s intuitive video editor style Overview interface.• Locking Screen Resolution Make sure your script stays consistent or optimize it for different sized screens by keeping it the same width and height.

• Customizable Overlay Keep the talent (or yourself) on track with a customizable image over the script.• Great Performance Teleprompter has been carefully engineered to provide distraction-free, buttery smooth scrolling. Teleprompter utilizes multi-threaded rendering to effectively push multiple high resolution displays.Use Teleprompter to help record videos, give speeches, read your textbook, and more!Teleprompter Controller is available at http://itunes. more in-depth information about Teleprompter, check out the user manual at Pavonine Software Web SiteTeleprompter Support What's New in Version 2.0.2 This version of Teleprompter contains bug fixes and small changes:• Fixed glitchy prompting when flipped vertically in the main window. • Changed the review window to open on the second launch for each version.

Also minor tweaks to its design. • Fixed not being able to open doc and docx files through the open panel. • Fixed red line not showing up in the main window when the controls are active. Screenshots Customer Reviews Very good functionality; window is a little odd by Wallyrocks This is a very good app for scrolling the content. It has many functions that allow control of speed, etc.

However, I wish the window was a little easier to handle (the text size automatically adjusts larger or smaller when resizing the window). I guess I will get used to it with experience. It also lacks a line-spacing control. Increasing the amount of space between lines can make it easier to read the content, which is the primary purpose of the app, but there is no way to increase/decrease line-spacing aside from selecting a font size.

Great for Video Presentations! by Payjob I looked around at about 10 free and paid solutions for having a computer-based teleprompter and this seems like a solid program for the money and it is! Great features not the least of which is being able to control the timing of the scroll to a predetermined time limit, in my case 10 minutes. This will do wonders for me as I have a tendency to ramble and get off topic.

It’s going to take a little practivce but this program has everything I need.Have only worked a little with the remote control, but it works fine from what I have seen so far.If you have any doubts, I believe this program is worth the money. You could spend a lot more, but if you are just doing solo work like myself, this program handles it and then some!Get it. Loving it... by d-earz I downloaded the demo, and was so happy it gave me an accurate feel of what it's like to use the app.

Quickly pleased, I bought the full version and am further pleased with my purchase. So impressed the that when I reached out with a support queston, the developer responded quickly to answer clearly in a way that made things easy to follow. Thank you!! Finding the interface a Mac lover’s delight, too. View in Mac App Store $34.99 Category: Video Updated: Jan 20, 2016 Version: 2.0.2 Size: 16.

0 MB Language: English Seller: Pavonine Software © Copyright 2016 Luke Brody, All Rights Reserved Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

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Prompt is an affordable simple teleprompter software solution for Mac and Windows. User configurable. Prompt can save in it's own format and .txt to share between users on Mac and Windows. This is software only so all you need to do is create and import text and setup your camera so that it is just above the display and have your talent read. No need for expensive teleprompters which use mirrors. Features: - Plain text can be imported and exported.

- Simple text edit including copy, cut and paste. - Control over font size and font choice. - User control of scroll speed and smoothness using the mouse or keyboard or remote (not supplied). - Looping function for unattended use in the keyboard run mode with single display. - Prompt saves in it’s own file format (.pmt). So you can send a Prompt file to the person who will be reading and they can send it back to you with their own TABS set, masking placement and any changes to the text including the font.

font size. - You can click and drag the Prompt window to reposition by clicking on the titlebar or the gray area in the edit area or the filename in the scrolling area. Prompt works on both Mac and PC platforms, saves in a common file format and requires no special mirror hardware. Prompt will display on multiple monitors and you can place the scrolling window on any single or multi-display computer.

Prompt is for both professional and amateur videographers. Either as a backup for a full mirrored teleprompter or as a stand-alone, Prompt serves the purpose

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