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Page 1 Safety • Assembly • Operation • Tips & Techniques • Maintenance • Troubleshooting • Parts Lists • Warranty OPERATOR’S MANUAL Model OEM-190-032 190-032-101 42-inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment For FastAttach Compatible Lawn Tractors & Garden Tractors ™ FORM NO. 769-01933F MTD LLC, P.O. BOX 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136-0019 11/8/07 PRINTED IN U.S.A. Page 2: Table Of Contents This Operator’s Manual is an important part of your snow thrower attachment.

It will help you assemble, prepare and maintain the unit for best performance. Please read and understand what it says. 1. Rider Model Identification ... Page 3 2. Important Safe Operation Practices... Page 4 3. Page 3: Rider Model Identification Model Plate Figure 1-1 Sample Model Number 7 9 0 1 3 A M G 0 0 0 Indicates Model Series 700 Figure 1-2 To The Owner Assistance may be needed to complete the installation of this attachment.

Determine The Model of Your Rider This manual is designed for installation of your new snow thrower attachment on several different tractors. Page 4: Important Safe Operation Practices Important Safe Operation Practices WARNING! This symbol points out important safety instructions which, if not followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or property of yourself and others. Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting to operate this machine.

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in personal injury. Page 5 To avoid personal injury or property damage use extreme care in handling gasoline. Gasoline is extremely flammable and the vapors are explosive. Serious personal injury can occur when gasoline is spilled on yourself or your clothes which can ignite. Wash your skin and change clothes immediately. Use only an approved gasoline container.

Page 6: Maintenance And Storage Clearing A Clogged Discharge Chute Hand contact with the rotating impeller inside the discharge chute is the most common cause of injury associated with snow throwers. Never use your hand to clean out the discharge chute. To clear the chute: SHUT THE ENGINE OFF! Wait 10 seconds to be sure the impeller blades have stopped rotating. Page 7 NOTES: Use this page to make notes and write down important information.

Page 8: Carton Contents Carton Contents If you are missing any parts, please Shoulder Bolts do not contact the retailer where you purchased this unit, call MTD directly at 1-330-220-4MTD or toll free at 1-800-800-7310. Undercarriage Assembly Belt Keeper & Lock Nut Quick Release Pins &... Page 9 • One Belt Keeper Pin & Flange Lock Nut (711-1000 & 712-04065) Carton Contents If you are missing any parts, please do not contact the retailer where you purchased this unit, call MTD directly at 1-330-220-4MTD or toll free at 1-800-800-7310.

Page 10: Assembly & Attaching Undercarriage, Pto Undercarriage Assembly Setup NOTE: References to LEFT and RIGHT indicate the left and right sides of the tractor when facing forward in the operator’s position. Reference to the FRONT indicates the grille end; to the REAR the drawbar end. Assembly IMPORTANT: You must first figure out which model of rider you are attaching this snow thrower to.

Refer to Determine Your Model of Rider on page 3 of this manual to determine what model rider you are attempting to install this attachment &... Page 11 Mounting The Undercarriage Assembly 1. Remove and retain the four hairpin clips from the weld pins found on the top side of the undercarriage assembly. Remove and retain the two clevis pins with hairpin clips. This hardware is for later installation.

See Fig. Page 12: Assembling Controls 1. Attach the chute directional control assembly to the upper lift link on the left side of the auger housing. Assemble with two hex screws as illustrated in Assembling Figure 6-1. Secure with two flange nuts. Controls 1. Secure the upper chute crank rod to the joint block (A) on the lower chute crank rod with the cotter pin (B) provided. Page 13: Mounting Auger Housing Heat Shield Figure 6-5 IMPORTANT: It will be necessary to have a second person assist you to complete the following steps.

1. Install a shoulder bolt on each side of the tractor and secure with a lock nut, as seen in Fig. 6-7 2. Page 14: Belt Routing, Routing Upper/lower Drive Belt Routing the Upper Drive Belt Spindle Pulley Belt Routing Various Models 1. Attach and route upper drive belt around spindle pulley and idler pulley found on undercarriage, electric PTO clutch and PTO idler pulley as illustrated in Fig. 8-1.

Make sure that the belt is routed to the INSIDE of the belt keeper on the undercarriage idler pulley and the remaining keeper pins found around the spindle pulley. Page 15: Controls WARNING: Be familiar with all controls and their proper operation. Know how to stop the machine and disengage them quickly. Engaging the Augers and Impeller Power to the snow thrower attachment is activated by engaging the tractor’s PTO.

1. Place the tractor’s throttle control in the FAST (rabbit) position and allow it to remain there for efficient snow removal. Page 16: Operation Operation Your snow thrower attachment is capable of displacing snow and clearing a path a width of 42 inches. Observe the following operating instructions for efficient snow removal. 1. Become familiar with and comfortable using all of your tractor’s controls as instructed in your tractor’s Operator’s Manual before operating it with the snow thrower attachment.

Page 17: Adjustments Making Adjustments WARNING: Never attempt to make any adjustments while the engine is running, except where specified in the Operator’s Manual. Place tractor on a firm and level surface. Place the PTO in the disengaged (OFF) position, set the parking brake, shut engine off, and remove key to prevent unintended starting. Page 18: Maintenance the parking brake, shut engine off, and remove key Maintenance to prevent unintended starting.

Chute Directional Control The spiral on the end of the lower chute crank, the base of the discharge chute itself and the joint blocks which connect the lower and upper chute cranks should be lubed with multi-purpose automotive grease once a season. Page 19: Parts List PART No. DESCRIPTION 736-3072 Flat Washer, .38 x .93 x .11 710-0151 Hex Cap Screw, 3/8-24 x 2 710-0521 Hex Cap Screw, 3/8-16 x 3 711-0242 Spacer 712-0241 Hex Nut, 3/8-24 732-0978 Extension Spring, .

620 x 5.62 736-0169 Lock Washer, 3/8 756-0487 Idler pulley, 4”... Page 21 PART No. DESCRIPTION 720-04039 Knob 784-5604A Chute Tilt Handle 731-1313C Chute Tilt Cable Guide 712-04063 Nylon Hex Lock Nut, 5/16-18 603-0302 Chute Tilt Bracket Assembly 710-0262 Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1.5 736-0451 Saddle Washer, .32 x .93 741-0475 Plastic Bushing 735-0234 Rubber Grommet , .44 x .94 x .5 747-0697... Page 23 PART No.

DESCRIPTION 618-04315 Auger Gear Box (Incl. Ref. 23-41) 684-0158 Impeller Assembly, 12” 684-0148 Housing Assembly 703-2734 Housing Brace Bracket 684-04163 LH Spiral Auger 684-04164 RH Spiral Auger 710-0157 Hex Cap Screw, 5/16-24 x .75 710-0260A Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x .62 710-0276 Splined Carriage Screw 710-0726... Page 24 MANUFACTURER’S LIMITED WARRANTY FOR The limited warranty set forth below is given by MTD LLC with respect to new merchandise purchased and used in the United States and/or its territories and possessions, and by MTD Products Limited with respect to new merchandise purchased and used in Canada and/ or its territories and possessions (either entity respectively, “MTD”).

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No worries when it comes to buying and installing parts for your Troy-Bilt equipment. With so many moving components, we realize identifying the right part for your machine can be challenging. Taking the Troy-Bilt Parts Right Part Pledge can help avoid frustration when it comes to the parts return process. We won't penalize you for ordering the wrong part when you observe this policy; instead we'll work with you to ensure you have the right product for your machine and that you get the credit you deserve on your timely unused part return, that's our pledge.

We'll also help you avoid a hassle in the first place. You can use Live Chat or contact our dedicated support team at 1-800-828-5500 to ensure you're ordering the correct part. Return Policy: Prior to the return of new and unused parts, please review the instructions included on your packing slip. Be sure to send the part back promptly if it doesn't fit. We cannot accept returns for used parts* OR for parts received by you more than 90 days before your return inquiry.

Return shipping is at the customer's expense. Restocking fee will be added if returned outside of those 90 days. For Troy-Bilt to process your return, we require the following information: The original packing slip with the reason code filled out next to the part(s) being returned. The part(s) being returned and the packing slip in the original packaging, if possible. The return address label placed on the package to be mailed back.

Please request a tracking number to confirm delivery. Cancellation Policy: If you should choose to cancel your order, please understand that our secured order system immediately began to process your order upon placement, therefore, there is a limited amount of time that an order can be cancelled prior to shipment. Once the warehouse prints your order, it cannot be cancelled All backordered items can be cancelled at any time prior to being received into inventory.

You may contact us with this information by telephone at: 1-800-828-5500. Power Equipment: New and unused equipment may also be returned for a period of up to 14 days after the date of delivery. Return shipping is at the customer's expense. Customers wishing to return new and unused merchandise must call 1-800-828-5500, within fourteen-days of product delivery, to obtain a return authorization and instructions.

Once a unit has had fuel put into the fuel system it is "used" and non-returnable. Units that are performing as designed are non-returnable as they are now considered "used".* For any questions regarding your equipment's set-up, operation or maintenance, please call our dedicated technical support team at 1-800-828-5500. It is extremely important that all new and unused items being returned receive a return authorization approval prior to being returned.

Equipment returned without a return authorization prior to shipment may be rejected for refund consideration and may also be subject to a storage fee of $20 per day. The total storage charges will not exceed the total amount originally billed when the item was purchased. If an item is returned and becomes subject to storage fees, it will be considered "abandoned". Abandoned items will become the sole property of Troy-Bilt as soon as the storage fees meet or exceed the amount of the price paid originally for the item.

When the remaining credit eligible balance reaches zero, abandoned items may be resold or disposed of at the sole discretion of Troy-Bilt. Abuse of Return Policy: reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person for any reason not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, abuse of its return policy. * All returns are subject to inspection by Troy-Bilt personnel as to possible use, misuse, missing components, damage or abuse.

Refunds may be denied as a result of failure to pass a return inspection. After 30 days, all returns on equipment and parts are subject to a restocking fee up to 25% of the original purchase price.

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